Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Fuel

Today after work I ran a quick 1.4 miles.  Normally the taper stresses me out more than the training or the race.  However, this time around, I'm pretty zen.  Even so, going out for a one-ish mile run still feels unnatural.  I'm hoping all this taper pays off on Sunday!

I really struggle to fuel for long races, marathons in particular.  I struggle to drink enough before and during a run and I have a hard time digesting fancy race gus and chomps.  What works for me is something simple: Gummi Bears.  I take a ziplock with me on my runs and fuel with a couple every couple of miles.

The last time I ran a marathon, the aftermath was not pretty.  It was one of the sickest I've ever felt in my life. live and you learn.  And I've found I need to get sugars back into my system as soon as possible.  My post-race food, especially when I don't feel well enough to eat anything is popsicles.

Tonight, I took a quick road trip to Wegman's and picked up the last of my pre-race supplies:

Tomorrow, my family comes to town and I get to pick up my packet at the expo!

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