Friday, October 10, 2014

Wine and Dine Corral Assignments Released

When I ran last year's Wine and Dine half marathon with my dad I was stoked to discover that my first half marathon time had placed me into Corral B. I didn't end up running out of this corral, instead choosing to run with my dad, but it was exciting to know that I could have been in that corral.  It was exciting UNTIL I discovered that I had just missed the cutoff for getting into Corral A. 

Since then, I have been working very hard to have a faster half marathon time, not just for the new PR satisfaction but also to get into the elusive A Corral.  This July, I ran the Shoreline Multisport Festival Half Marathon with the goal of getting a time to submit.  I'm so happy I did because the 1:41:39 I turned in gave me my Corral A ticket.

When the Corral information was released and I realized I got into Corral A, I practically skipped around my office.  I was so happy!!! 

Now it's just time to count down the days.  27 days until I'm on my way to Walt Disney World for the 2014 RunDisney Wine and Dine half marathon!

You can check your corral placement here: Wine and Dine 2014 Corrals

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  1. Awesome!! Congrats, Kelli! That's a great accomplishment!!