Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A New Love for the 'Mill

I have never really been a fan of treadmill running.  Part of the joy of running is being outside and taking in my surroundings and actually, you know, going places.  I never much understood the point of running in place for miles.  I've always been a winter warrior, running outside in all temperatures and weather.  I've run in 100 degree summers and run during the polar vortex last year, when I had icicles form on my eyelashes. 

While, I still prefer to run outside for all the reasons I just mentioned, I am discovering a new found love of the treadmill.  I recently joined a gym and for the first time in ages, I have access to a treadmill for the coldest and snowiest of days (and in Rochester, that can be pretty cold and snowy).  I can't believe the difference that it makes.  I find myself enjoying my runs inside on the treadmill.  It's not hard to enjoy not running in below zero temperatures.

What changed?  I think it's the ability to have extreme control over my workout.  If I want to run hills, I can.  If I want to run reverse splits I can.  If I want to listen to music and watch the food network on mute while I run, I can. It's making for a nice change.

While I think I will always prefer the pure joy of a 10 miler outside, I'm no longer as anti-mill as I have been.  ...Not falling on the ice is also a nice bonus :)

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